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Just one can of fizzy drink a day is linked to more aggressive behaviour by teenagers, claim researchers. A new study found youngsters were significantly more likely to be violent and carry weapons if they regularly consumed fizzy soft drinks. The study showed those having more than five cans of non-diet carbonated drinks a week were more likely to get involved in violent assaults. The latest findings, reported online in the journal Injury Prevention, come from a survey of 1,878 teenagers aged 14 to 18 from 22 state schools in Boston. They were asked how many cans of non-diet fizzy soft drinks they had consumed over the past week. Up to four cans was considered "low", and five or more was classified as "high". Just under one in three pupils fell into the "high" category, some drinking more than two or three cans a day. Youngsters were asked if they had been violent towards their peers, a brother or sister, or a partner, and whether they had carried a gun or knife in the past year. Overall, frequent soft drink consumption was associated with a 9 percent to 15 percent increased likelihood of engaging in aggressive behaviour. The researchers, led by Dr Sara Solnick from the University of Vermont, said "There was a significant and strong association between soft drinks and violence. " 据英国《每日邮报》10月24日报道,研究人员称,年轻人一天一罐汽水,易致言行暴力。 一项新研究发现,青少年如果定期饮用碳酸饮料,则更可能具有暴力倾向和携带武器。 该研究显示, 那些在一周之内饮用超过5罐含糖碳酸饮料的青少年更易参与暴力袭击。 这些最新的发现源自一项对1878名年龄在14—18岁之间的青少年的调查。这些孩子均来自波士顿的22所公立学校。该项结果发表在《伤害预防》网站上。 研究调查了孩子们在上一周内饮用的含糖碳酸饮料罐数。 饮用4罐和4罐以内被认为是“较低”,5罐或5罐以上则被定义为“较高”。仅有不到三分之一的学生被划分到“较高”一类,有的学生每天饮用超过2罐或3罐碳酸饮料。 青少年们被问及是否曾经对他们的同龄人、兄弟或者同伴施加过暴力行为,以及是否在去年有过携带或匕首的记录。 总而言之,频繁的饮用软饮料与从事暴力行径的可能性之间的联系增加了9%—15%。 该研究的负责人——佛蒙特大学的萨拉索尔尼克士说:“饮用软饮料和暴力行为之间有着显著而密切的联系。” /201110/158850Aries白羊座Baby, will you be my valentine? I will make you the happiest girl on earth.宝贝,当我的恋人吧?我将使你成为世界上最快乐的女孩。Leo狮子座That#39;s the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me or said to me…你为我做的事和对我说的话都是我经历过最浪漫的……Sagittarius射手座If you need me, I am here for you. I am on your side.如果你需要我,我会在这儿等你,我永远持你。Cancer巨蟹座I will wait for you to come home to eat.等你回家吃饭哦!Scorpio天蝎座To me, you are irreplaceable, because you are one of a kind.对我而言你是无法代替的,因为你是独一无二的。Pisces双鱼座Okay. Let us try to be the luckiest couple on earth.好!让我们试着成为世上最幸运的一对。Taurus金牛座Would you like to go to movies, KTV, or just have a chat over a good meal at a nice restaurant?你喜欢去看电影、唱KTV或是去餐厅聊聊天吃顿美食呢?Virgo处女座I love everything about you, especially the way you made me feel how special I am.我喜欢你的一切,尤其是你让我觉得我自己是多么的特别。Gemini双子座I can think of nothing else but your dazzling smile.除了你那迷人的微笑,别的我都不会去想。Capricornus魔羯座Oh, dear. I want you to know that being with you, it#39;s as good as it gets.亲爱的,我想让你知道,世上没有比和你在一起更幸福的事了。Libra天秤座I love your tender kisses and charming smiles.我爱你那温柔的吻和迷人的微笑。Aquarius水瓶座You are the one I have been looking for.你就是我一直在追寻的人。 /201209/199657

THE newly released calendar for public holidays in 2013 has upset a number of people who had planned to take a break at the beginning of the year.新发布的2013年公众假期日历让许多曾计划在年初休息一下的人烦恼。But it also offers the prospect of a six-day break if employers can be persuaded to give employees an extra day off.但它也提供了一个为期六天休假的前景,如果雇主能被说给员工额外一天假。People will have 29 days off in seven public holidays, according to the calendar released by the central government yesterday.在七个公众假日里人们将会有29天休息,根据中央政府昨天发布的日历。But the actual holiday days add up to 11 when weekend days are subtracted and extra working days factored in.但实际的假日累计有11天当周末被缩减同时额外的工作日被包括进来。The New Year#39;s Day holiday will run from January 1 to 3, but people need to work on the weekend of January 5 and 6.元旦将从1月1日到3号,但人们需要在1月5日和6日的那个周末工作。The dates have upset a number of people who complained online that they had assumed the holiday would run from Sunday, December 30 to January 1, as was widely believed based on common arrangements for holidays in previous years, and they would have to abruptly change their travel plans.这一日期令许多人沮丧,他们在网上抱怨说他们曾认为假期将从周日开始,12月30日至1月1日,正如普遍相信的基于前几年假日常规安排,他们将不得不突然改变他们的旅行计划。 Kong Shuo, a Shanghai resident, said yesterday that she#39;ll have to sell tickets she bought for three concerts in Beijing and return her air tickets as well. ;I can#39;t go, feeling bad,; she said in an online post.孔硕,一个上海居民,昨日表示她将不得不卖出她买的在北京的三场演唱会门票并返还她的机票。“我不能去,感觉不爽,”她在网上的一个帖子里说。Another netizen said she had booked tourism packages between December 30 and January 1 on the assumption that the holiday would run from December 30. ;The announcement comes too late,; she complained.另一个网民说原以为假日将从12月30日开始她已经预定了12月30日到1月1日的旅游一揽子务。“这项宣布来得太迟了,”她抱怨道。Airline companies also seemed to have assumed the wrong start to the holiday.航空公司好像也错误假定了假期的开始日期。Air tickets on December 30 had been priced much higher than those for January 1.12月30日的机票价格远远高于1月1日的票价。A ticket from Shanghai to Sanya in Hainan Province, for example, costs 1,890 yuan (US4) for December 30, compared to the 1,320 yuan asked for January 1, according to China Eastern Airlines#39; website.从上海到海南省三亚的机票,例如,在12月30日花费1890元(304美元),相比1月1日要价的1320元,根据中国东方航空公司的网站。The southeastern city of Xiamen is hosting a marathon race on January 5, a Saturday but now a working day. However, organizers say there are no plans to change the date.东南部城市厦门举办一场马拉松比赛在1月5日星期六,但现在是工作日。然而,组织者说现在还没有计划更改日期。But not everyone is unhappy. Some are planning to ask for a leave on December 31 so they can enjoy a six-day break, and Shanghai travel agencies are working out new plans to accommodate this group of people.但并非所有人都不高兴。一些人打算12月31日请假,这样他们就可以享受为期六天的休假,上海旅行社正在为这群人的食宿制定新计划。The Shanghai Spring International Travel Service (Group) Co Ltd is replanning and promoting tour packages to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.上海春秋旅行社(集团)有限公司正重新规划和促进到东南亚国家如泰国和马来西亚的旅游包。Domestic tours are usually promoted during the New Year#39;s Day holiday break as it is short, but the schedule makes it possible for some travelers to go farther, said Qin Weihao, manager of Shanghai Spring#39;s outbound tour division.国内旅游通常在元旦假期被促进,因为它是短暂的,但这一日程安排可以让一些旅客走的更远,上海春秋旅行社的境外旅游部门经理秦威豪说。2013 holiday schedule2013年假日安排New Year#39;s Day: January 1-3 with January 5 and 6 working days.元旦:1月1日到3日,1月5日和6日为工作日。Spring Festival: February 9-15, with February 16 and 17 working days.春节:2月9日至15日,2月16日和17日为工作日。Qingming Festival: April 4-6 with April 7 working day.清明节:4月4日 到6日和4月7为工作日。Labor Day: April 29 to May 1 with April 27 and 28 working days.劳动节:4月29日至5月1日,4月27日和28日为工作日。Dragon Boat Festival: June 10-12, with June 8 and 9 working days.端午节:6月10日- 12日,6月8日和9日为工作日。Mid-Autumn Festival: September 19-21, with September 22 working day.中秋节:9月19日 - 21日,9月22日为工作日。National Day: October 1-7, with September 29 and October 12 working days.国庆节:10月1 – 7,9月29日和10月12日为工作日。 /201212/213307

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